This site is dedicated to the Goddess Sirona

Majestic mother of the waters of renewal, we dedicate this to you Sirona, in fulfillment of a vow.


Her worship was mainly in Eastern central Gaul and along the Germanic boarders with traces of her worship also extending into Britany, Italy and Aquitaine.

The etymology of here name has to do with the word Ðirâ, (Ð = ts) meaning “star” coming from the proto-Celtic *ster- (*h2ster). We have a few variants of her name SironaĐironaThirona the Ð is used here to represent the tau gallicum, which is a letter used in Gaulish Language to represents ts or st.

She is often paired with Apollo who is assimilated with Borvo and Grannus on some of the inscriptions. She is often depicted with a long gown holding a bowl with eggs and a coiling snake around her which this representation of the snake coiling around her arm brings to mind the depiction of the goddess Hygeia. Along with these depictions she is seen wearing a diadem mainly a star shaped diadem which may have something to do with here name. Many of here depictions and inscriptions have been found in or near wells, and mineral springs which some of those site temples to her have been found.

Altogether she seems to be a goddess of curative waters and healing given that she is paired with Apollo and that we find much of her inscriptions near wells and springs. As here depictions suggest functions of healing, renewal and rebirth. She may also have cosmic functions as her name gives us Star this could be a connection to one of the celestial objects in the sky.

As devotees of Đirona, this site is intended as a spiritual resource.